The bulk of our ads, 99%, are run from our own banner program located on our site, "". By running our own banner program we can control all aspects of an advertising campaign on our sites. We operate over 50 Websites and many ad campaigns are running on multiple sites. This basically builds a needed control for us and the advertiser, with ads running from the same source it reduces the chance of errors as all ads are active and a mouse click directs the user to the ads chosen URL. We can easily change the URL and it will change instantly on all sites or a discontinued ad is removed from all sites simultaneously plus a new ad joins all the sites once we activate it. NEW: CLASSIFIEDS. Business owners list for FREE. Included are two free photos, description, details, 24x7x365 access and more. We receive 30,000+ Unique Visitors and 5,000+ print map downloads per year.

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Sept. 05, 2014 to Sept. 04, 2015 versus 0Sept. 05, 2015 to Sept. 04, 2016

Activity: 2016 / 2015 / % Increase
Page Views Increase: 44,161 / 27,502 / 61%
Unique Visits Increase: 33,196 / 21,509 / 54%
First Time Visit Inrease: 30,842 / 20,316 / 52%
Returning Visits Increase: 2,354 / 1,193 / 97%

Over 30% of first time visitors download the map = 9,253 Downloads

Things slow down to December and start picking up in January.
We have never experienced a day without a minimum of 20 unique visitors even in December.

For those purchasing our premium ad, the ad appears on:
Those two are guaranteed although we send the ad to many of our other sites as well
The above are only the stats for
Those visitor numbers can very well be doubled when considering the other sites.

We only have 6 ads available. They generate randomly and re-generate on the page at 5 second intervals
Plenty of time to click on your ad and visit your web site and during most visits 6 ads will be seen.
Currently there are only 2 ads sold so we have 4 open slots
On the print map six spots are reserved and we also have 4 open slots there.

Premium Online Ads including on the Print Map are $750 per year plus HST
Print Map Ad only is $400 per year plus HST
Premium Online Ad only are also $750 per year plus HST
General ads (up to 12) appearing on mulitple sites as well are $180 per year plus HST.

Business within 5 KM of The Trent Severn Waterway can list in our business directory fo free.
General ads (up to 12) appearing on mulitple sites as well are $240 per year plus HST.

Premium ad size: 660 x 276 at 300 dpi. they resize for various screen sizes and we resize to our standards.
Print ad size: 600 x 600 at 300 dpi, we resize to our standards.
General ad size: 676 x 154 at 300 dpi, these resize for various screen sizes and we resize to our standards.

We'll create your ad, to your request, for $60 plus HST or two for $100 plus HST.

All payments in advance prior to our starting
All terms are for one year, non-refundable